Four Way Warps Events


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Description: Did you always wanted to use the warps from Pipe Wonderland but found them too confusing? Look no further, this zip files has all you need!!
I'll use this here description to guide you.

How to use the 8 Four-Way Warps events?
First, decide which invisible spaces will work as the warps.
Then, split them by two and order them each from 1 to 4 for later!
Assign Four-Way Warp 1 to Four-Way Warps 4 to the first group of spaces in order as passing events.
Do the same for Four-Way Warp 5 to Four-Way Warps 8 for the second group.
Now, for the annoying part. You'll need to drag & drop every space for every space.
Remember how I told you to order from 1 to 4. Well this is to index the functions more easily.
For example, Destination1 should be on the space of the other group's corresponding space (Link to Four-Way Warp 5 if it's 1 to 4, Link to Four-Way Warp 1 if it's 5 to 8)
PreviousSpace should be the space before Destination and NextSpace should be the space after Destination.
Keep going until all 8 Four-Way Warp events are filled and voilą, you are done!
...Except for one thing! Put Warp Reverse Fix on every space with a Four-Way Warp event as well! Now you're truly done!

What's the use of the other events then?
Put WarpShuffle as a "before turn event" it'll trigger at the start of the game to ensure you always get a random warp course!
Paid Warp Change works better as a passing event on a space. Pick the price you want for being able to put a new warp course in place and you're good to go! Pay the price and you can get a new random warp course in place.
Free Warp Change works better as a landing event. It will change it to a new warp course randomly for free!
Put SpaceDirection as the space the player should face during both events.

And voilą, with all that, you should be all set! Special thanks to Airsola especially for helping me making this event, especially since the code is heavily based on her previous work!  ;D Hope you find great ways to use this original warp connection!
Posted by: Spongyoshi June 27, 2020

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