Bowser's Black Bog

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Description: Oh boy, here's our PP64 Jam submission! We used the abandoned lighthouse, Baby Bowser, and and axe themes for our board.

The board layout is fairly simple. From the start, you enter the town square and you have three option of where to go:
  • West - Lets you loop back to the town square and you'll be able to visit the Item Shop again. But you also have to pass the bank. In the future, there will be another incentive to go this way, I think!
  • North - The main path. Allows you to go to the wrecked ship via Skeleton Key door. Again, in the future there will be another incentive to go here too! If you pass go right at the junction, you'll be able to pick the slightly longer Item Shop path or the shorter bank path as you head towards the lighthouse and start of the board.
  • East - Using a Skeleton Key, you can access the lighthouse and loop back to the Item Shop and town square.

Yoshiman222 created the Lighthouse Event where visiting the passing event will dim the lights, changing some of the spaces of the board! When it's darker, the board gets a little more dangerous. You can switch it back the next time you visit. We didn't get to test this as much as we'd like so it may be buggy!

Baby Bowser (and his axe!) will have more to do with this board, hopefully. Board spaces were completely last minute and we even forgot Item Spaces. We plan to come back to this board after the event so keep an eye out for updates!
Posted by: SuperZambezi October 31, 2020

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