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Description: "Carnival tickets and merry mayhem." King Boo brings the party to his long-awaited festival of fun!

This was originally a submission to Custom Board Contest #4! It features a character theming (King Boo and Boos) and plenty of custom events.

First, the main gimmick: it's a carnival, so you just have to collect carnival tickets, right? Well, the paper tickets didn't arrive in time, so the Boos have opted to use Skeleton Keys instead. That's right, you can collect Skeleton Keys to trade them at...

The Prize Exchange! Just a couple steps away from the entrance, here you can trade in your Skeleton Key(s) for differing prizes! As indicated on the signpost next to it, 1 ticket = 10 coins, 2 tickets = 2 Golden Mushrooms, and 3 tickets = 1 Star! Indeed, here in the carnival, you can trade items for a Star!

There are many ways to obtain Skeleton Keys:
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There are many other events revolving around items on this board. Continuing on with these...
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There are two helpful Boo characters on the carnival grounds:
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The Skeleton Gate leads to outside the carnival grounds. Here, you can find Boo, a variety of high-risk spaces, and two Happening Space events:
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Other events of note are the Load Boo Models event, which allows Boo models to be loaded every frame so that they don't disappear after using certain items or landing on certain spaces. If this appears to cause any performance issues, the parameter "LoadPerFrame" can be set to "false". Additionally, there's the Rules of the Board event that explains some of the board mechanics on the 1st turn. If all players are veterans, the parameter "ActivateRules" can be set to "false" (don't fret if you forget, though, you can just spam A to get through it anyway).

Additionally, there are two versions of the board: Vanilla and Chocolate. The Vanilla version has all the standard events whereas the Chocolate version incorporates two extra features: the Last 5 Turns Event and a custom Bonus Star. The Last 5 Turns event activates at the end of the 6th last turn and will provide last-place with a gift: an item, coins, or, if players aren't tied for last, a miracle. The miracle will trigger one of the following new rules:
  • Blue Space Ruleset: When 4th place lands on a Blue Space, a Hidden Block is guaranteed to appear.
  • Red Space Ruleset: Landing on a Red Space now has a chance to become a Bowser, Battle, Chance Time, or Game Guy Space.
  • Koopa Bank Ruleset: When passing a Bank Space, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place players must pay extra coins.
  • Bonus Star Boost: A random one of the last place player's Bonus Stars is boosted each turn: 7 for Minigame Star, 10 for Coin Star, and 1 for Happening/Ticket Star.
  • Boo Buddy Ruleset: At the start of their turn, 4th place can call Boo, Lady Bow, or the Prize Exchange.

Additionally, the custom Bonus Star is the Ticket Star, awarded to whoever obtains the most Skeleton Keys from carnival attractions. Both of these Chocolate features can be toggled off by setting their respective parameter in the Last 5 Turns Event to "false".

To my knowledge, all issues with events have been debugged and the board should be Everdrive-compatible. I'd also like to give thanks to Airsola, Rain, and Spongyoshi for assisting in buggy code and providing the coding basis for many of the custom events, in particular a special shoutout to Rain for sharing his "GetRand" function and Spongyoshi for creating the original Last 5 Turns Event. Special thanks are also in order for Spongyoshi, FixedFun, and Shadic64 for helping with playtesting and re-balancing. Finally, I'd like to thank FixedFun again for sharing his high-resolution art assets of the item shop and Koopa bank. Thanks are also in order to everyone who has given feedback on the board and helped to improve it! If you find any issues, do not hesitate to let me know! Many thanks!

Edit Log:
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Numbers for Tryhards:
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Posted by: MarioComix February 14, 2021

Rating: **** by 1 members.
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November 27, 2019
Very fun board with lots of interesting custom events!
While I prefer a slightly smaller board, the length was still excellent!
Not to mention the very fun background, I want this Carnival to exist lol
A really fun & charming board with lots of unique ideas!!  ;)

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