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Daisy's Garden v3 *****45902058February 21, 2021MarioComix
The Green Clumsiness *****29551124September 16, 2019Cedrik
Seasonal Woodland *****41852438February 07, 2021Airsola™
Bowser's Carnival *****36621073April 19, 2021Jekernot
Randomize Duel/Item Minigames (MP2) *****613330April 29, 2021MarioComix
Game Guy's Crafted Casino! *****22081348September 22, 2019Mr. Star
Star Summit ****78455610January 14, 2019SuperZambezi
Primal Isles ****37512258February 17, 2021Airsola™
Hope Land ****37644034July 20, 2018Imakuni
Grunty's Furnace Fun ****40032307May 07, 2020Airsola™
Sultan City ****36312225January 14, 2019Gwonam
Star Islands ****28381738April 26, 2019TNTBlowzUp
Kid's Room ****27561552May 01, 2019TNTBlowzUp
Towering Treetop ****43922964December 01, 2020Airsola™
(Piranha Plant's) Pipe Wonderland ****25612046June 27, 2020Spongyoshi
Pirate Dream ****35032319February 27, 2020Airsola™
King Boo Carnival v4 ****22191218February 14, 2021MarioComix
Luigi's Void ****21971044September 21, 2019morteriser
TRG Land ****62245075November 16, 2019The Jewker
Shiver Blossom Shore ****28871588November 30, 2019Airsola™
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