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The Master List (Spring Fever)
« on: June 04, 2013 »
This is a list where all the achievements points for activities made in the event are. Just look at this to know how it went. These are the final results!

1st SpiderStaryu 390G (+1000 Wii Points)
2nd Vipsoccermaster 370G (+500 Wii Points)
3rd MQMax 190G
4th Yoshiman222 185G
5th Whimsicott 180G
6th The Shattered Legacy 155G
7th DeadlyxImpulse 145G
8th Luma Party 140G
9th Brookelas 120G
10th SirYoshi211 100G
11th Timmy 55G
11th Toadette 55G
13th SuperZambezi 40G
14th Dark Boo 35G
15th Chubzster 20G
16th Toblet
17th Microphone_Kirby
17th BlueYoshi
17th eboyblue3 5G

So congratulations to SpiderStaryu for winning Spring Fever and Vipsoccermaster for second place!
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Re: The Master List (Spring Fever)
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2013 »
Okay everyone, the achievements points have been added to the Achievements List, so you can now see your new points balance.
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