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Rules 1st Edition
« on: June 02, 2012 »
For any of those who don't know about this, this is my RPG that I do, themed on Nintendo characters.  If you want to enter one of these, here are the rules and details.
8 people can sign up
You can be any nintendo character
Each character has a special trademark, speed (go fist every turn), power (attacks do 10% more damage) or defense (opponents attack does 10% less damage).
This is in a tournament bracket
I create movesets based on the character that go with the characters abilities
Everyone starts with 300 HP and 100 MP
Everyone has 4 attacks
weak attack- 10 damage
normal attack- 20 damage-uses 10 MP
strong attack- 50 damage-uses 40 MP
Iwata attack, which can be used once 150 damage is taken, deals 100 damage and heal 50
When one person has run out of MP, they will go into auto battle, meaning that until they can use their Iwata attack or their opponent runs out of MP, they will not post and instead auto use their weak attack every turn
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