Golden Plains Coin Battle v1.3

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Description: Collab with Spongyoshi
The first ever Coin Battle board!!! In a Coin Battle, the aim of the game is to get the Coin Star! At the very end of the last turn, the player with the biggest total of coins at any point in the game will end off with 99 stars!(If there is a tie, then BOTH players get 99 stars, and the winner is determined by current coin count.)

Custom Events
Coin Star Winner (The Millennium Star will appear at the end of the last turn to give 99 stars to the player(s) with the Coin Star!)
Gain Coins Based on Roll (At the start of every turn, there's a 10% that all players will gain coins by passing a landable space (except the Bank))
Snifit Patrol (Wacky Watches are illegal on this board, so they will be taken away and you will be given 20 coins in return)
Last 5 Turns Event (A bonus Last 5 Turns event will happen before the real thing. The player in 4th can get coins, an item, or change the spaces further!)
Monty Mole's Treasure Hunt (Pay Monty Mole 5 coins for the chance to dig up lots of buried treasures!)
Bored Spiny (With no ceiling to fall from, a Spiny asks you to throw him at someone and take 10 of that player's coins)
Bowser Revolution Space (This takes 100% of all the players' coins, and divides them evenly among the players)
Chance Time EX (What's an EndlessBeat board without this event, am I right?)
Trivia Quiz (Answer an oddly specific question about this board for the chance to win 20 coins! But get it wrong, and you'll lose 10 coins!
Sell Your Star for Coins (At the big spooky house, a Blooper will buy a star from you for 100 coins! What a deal!)

Special thanks to Spongyoshi and MarioComix for helping me with the making of this board and many of the events, especially the brand new Coin Star Winner event!

Update 4/9/2022:
Space Rearrangement: (Removed a Game Guy Space near a junction)

Update 6/4/2022 (v1.2):
Removed Rules Event: (It caused random crashes for Player 3)

Update 6/4/2022 (v1.3):
Edited Selling Star Event: (You can now only sell one star, but for 100 coins instead of 75. Selling multiple was causing an error.)
Fixed Typo in Toad Shop: (Price for Boo Bell 10 -> 15, Price for Lucky Coin 30 -> 50)
Posted by: EndlessBeat June 04, 2022

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