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Description: Ever wanted to play on Mario Party 1 boards, but with the mechanics of Mario Party 3? Here it is, a port of Peach's Birthday Cake with all its gimmicks! Let's run through them:

Mushroom Spaces are replaced with Item Spaces, and 1P Minigame Spaces are replaced with Battle Spaces. They serve a similar function, wouldn't you say?

There's only one Star Space here, run by Toad. He even cycles through different messages each time you buy a Star!

There's also only one junction on this board, governed by the Flower Lottery. You pay Goomba 10 coins, and pick from one of four seeds. If it's a Toad Flower, you go to Toad! If it's a Bowser Flower, you go towards Bowser! Out of every four seeds, there will be one Bowser Flower. Once a seed is picked, it cannot be selected again until all four seeds have been picked. Once all seeds have been picked, a new Bowser Flower will be selected and all the seeds will become available again (of course, it could be the same seed that is the new Bowser Flower). Note: If you reverse into the Flower Lottery, you will still go in the reverse direction, no matter which junction you take.

When you pass by Bowser, you will pay 20 coins for a Bowser Cake. I wonder what happens if he were to see someone wearing a Bowser Suit...

Landing on a Happening Space allows you to purchase a Strawberry Seed for 30 coins. It turns out, these grow into Piranha Plants! Once paid for, that Happening Space belongs to you: any opponents who land on it will give you a Star! By setting the parameter "LoadModels" of the event Load Piranha Models to "true", character flag models will be loaded to help you keep track of who owns which Happening Spaces. If you experience any performance issues, this parameter can be set to "false" to avoid that by not loading any flag models, forcing you to mentally keep track instead.

Right as you pass Start, you'll visit Koopa Troopa, who'll give you 10 coins. If it's the last five turns, he'll give you 20. I heard he likes Koopa Kards...

Skeleton Keys, Magic Lamps, and Lucky Lamps are considered illegal items. (The first is useless, and the others would probably crash the game if you used it.) As a result, if you have one on your turn, it will be confiscated by the Snifit Patrol. But don't worry, they'll still compensate you!

Another event of note is the Load Models event, which allows the Koopa, Toad, Goomba, and Bowser model to be loaded every frame so that they won't disappear after using certain items or landing on certain spaces. If this appears to cause any performance issues, the parameter "LoadPerFrame" can be set to "false".

Additionally, there are two toggleable rules for the board: the Last 5 Turns Event and a custom Bonus Star. The Last 5 Turns event activates at the end of the 6th last turn and will provide last-place with a gift: an item, coins, or, if players aren't tied for last, a miracle. The miracle will trigger one of the following new rules:
  • Blue Space Ruleset: When 4th place lands on a Blue Space, a Hidden Block is guaranteed to appear.
  • Red Space Ruleset: Landing on a Red Space now has a chance to become a Bowser, Battle, Chance Time, or Game Guy Space.
  • Bonus Star Boost: A random one of the last place player's Bonus Stars is boosted each turn: 7 for Minigame Star, 10 for Coin Star, and 1 for Happening/Flower Star.
  • Strawberry Seed Discount: Strawberry Seeds now only cost 15 coins each.

Additionally, the custom Bonus Star is the Flower Star, awarded to whoever wins the Flower Lottery the most times. Both of these features can be toggled off by setting their respective parameter in the Rules of the Board event to "false". Note that, by default from download, both rules are turned on.

Finally, the board uses custom music - a port of its theme from MP1, made by Shadic64. The music is already included in the JSON files, but I've also attached the MIDI as a separate download in case you need it again. If you choose against using the custom music, I suggest selecting "Prologue 2" as the in-game music track.

This board should be Everdrive-compatible. I'd also like to give thanks to Airsola and Rain for assisting with coding, especially with providing assistance on using board RAM to keep track of specific values and with loading models. Special thanks also go to Spongyoshi, for his Last 5 Turns events and Rules of the Board event, and PartyPlanner64, for providing the basis for code that allows models to be actively loaded onto the board! I'd like to give a final shout-out to Shadic64 for creating the MIDI file for the Peach's Birthday Cake custom music! If you find any issues, do not hesitate to let me know! Many thanks!

Misc. notes/quirks:
-If you reverse while in Bowser's loop, you will not return to the Flower Lottery until you are moving forward again.
-The player occasionally does not properly face south after being bitten by a Piranha Plant.
-If an error occurs when overwriting the board in PartyPlanner64, double-check that the custom music track is still present.

Edit Log:
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Numbers for Tryhards:
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Posted by: MarioComix July 28, 2022

Rating: **** by 1 members.
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Shy Guy

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June 11, 2022
you could probably find a midi of peach's birthday cake somewhere to add to it
PP64 Savant

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January 24, 2020
Hi, thanks for playing my board! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I just tested it out, though, and it turns out you were just (un)lucky enough for the Bowser Flower to always be the red seed! I can confirm that the red seed is not always selected to be the Bowser Flower, and if it has been selected, it is not guaranteed to be selected again.
Shy Guy

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January 18, 2020
Awesome remake this map so intense as mario party 3 style but i did came across one bug everytime you choice a seed the red seed was always bowser and never changed besides that we enjoy playing the map

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