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Title: [MP2] Music Park
Post by: Spongyoshi on November 10, 2016
Download Link: (
There's so much Mario Kart tracks here, but no one really tried to experiment the "One way to the star" which would really fits for an Mario Kart track imo.  :P
But I tried it with Mario Party 2 (I feel like it fits the best since there's only one item slot like in Mario Kart) and I present to you.. Music Park!
Bascially, at the end, you have to pick the right junctions to go to the blue space who has the star. So there's 7 blue spaces at the finish line and you just have to go to the right one!  :D
I tried to put as much pathways as I could so it's also strategic!!  :-D
I'll rework on it later since the spaces misalign with the board. Also, the music sadly doesn't loop  :-\
Title: Re: [MP2] Music Park
Post by: Spongyoshi on January 24, 2018
Keeping the download url of the V2 of this board since the Board Database didn't keep it for some reason... (
If you liked this board, you'll love this one even more! It has a better & clearer layout and even animations!!  ;D