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Description: :star: Tic-Star-Clock is a standard board inspired by the iterations of Tic-Toc-Clock :star:
Make your way around the board hoping on gears, clock arms and conveyor belts to get to the star.

:green: Happening spaces cause gears and conveyor-belts to operate, sending anyone atop them in a new direction. Twomp guards the path to Boo, Pay him to gain access, or find a way to trade in for free.

:tumble: There are 3 major pathways on this board. The main pathway is in the center, from there players have access to all pathways. It contains a bank, an Item-shop, and the Gear happening spaces. Both the bank and Item-shop are very distanced apart and will take multiple turns to reach, this path is 30 spaces to make a full loop.

The Secondary pathway is at the bottom of the map. It is the safest of the 3 major pathways. It also contains a bank and an Item-shop, but no happening spaces. Players might find themselves taking this path if any lands on the happening space from the main pathway while on the gear themselves. This path takes 16 spaces to make full loop around.

The Final Major Pathway is the longest at 32 to 38 spaces to make a full loop around. It can only be accessible by getting pass the Twomp. This pathway also gives players access to Boo, and may allow them to skip the bank space entirely. However landing on one of the conveyor belt happening spaces can lead you and all other players on a belt to longer travel time as well as a visit with Bowser.

 :ssb4mii_m: This took a lot of time to make, way longer than I expected. Things might change later on, I might make an alternate layout version, with more of a central gimmick in the future. But for this Contest this is how its going to be. Id like to give HEAVY Special thanks to MarioComix, for being instrumental in giving me the motivation and help to even submit this.
If you have feedback plz let me know in a comment or on the discord, Id love here your opinions.
Posted by: Mimicry_Xrd August 23, 2021

Rating: ***** by 1 members.
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