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Description: Welcome to the Radical Space Typhoon!
It's wild out here with a huge scary lookin' pyramid, get too close and you'll be teleported to the other side!
There is a huge time rift that can send you back in time or speed you into the future to the south east!
Time works in mysterious ways... We have 2 Jeanies now?! Keep your mushrooms handy! Keeping up with the moving stars can be tough!
Keep out of the gaze of that pyramid or you might never be able to catch up...!
At least the music is snappy...

BG is an original painting by me of the same name containing over 100 different shades of blues and purples.

My Contest entry for the 5th Custom Board Contest
Posted by: White Orbison July 15, 2021

Rating: ***** by 1 members.
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