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Description: The Seasonal Woodland is a peaceful and secluded forest that very few have visited. The flow of time is said to be different within it, where the passing of a year can feel like a regular day. Different creatures roam this forest in its different seasons, and this has a drastic change in the ecosystem.

This board was made to bring together several concepts, like the day and night cycle from Mario Party 6, with some visual/auditory elements from Click Clock Wood (Banjo-Kazooie), as well as a bit of Paper Mario.

The effects of Happening Spaces, Board Events, and other mechanics will be explained below, if you'd like to go into the board blind, please ignore the spoiler tagged area.

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Bugs, Glitches, etc.:
  • This board contains custom AI so that CPUs can make better decisions while at junctions and during custom events. While this AI was tested, it is possible for issues to occur.
Final Words: I will be updating this board for balancing purposes (if necessary) and also aesthetics. If you have any suggestions, do feel free to message me. Also, if you find any glitches or bugs, report them to me so I can get them fixed.

List of Updates:
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Credits: (These Discord users helped a lot to polish this project. Thank you!):

  • Lave, Light Elementa (Board Play Design & Balancing / Beta Testing)
  • PartyPlanner64 (Custom Music support)
  • TNTBlowzUp, Spongyoshi, Smack Jack, nanalan, ZoomZike, Jerry, Nazzax, E-77, Brady, GmanSir (Beta Testing & Balance Adjustments)
Numbers for tryhards:
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Posted by: Airsola™ February 07, 2021

Rating: ***** by 1 members.

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March 01, 2021
Overall, this was a fun board! I liked how the changing seasons result in changing strategies throughout the different seasons, albeit not too drastically, that way the game still feels coherent.

It definitely feels like on this board, movement is very crucial. In certain seasons, it's hard to get into or even out of the middle heart loop. I kind of wish that it were easier to traverse through these inner loops, but for now, Mushrooms are definitely recommended.

Still, a great board overall involving lots of micro-strategies, and with some nice risk-reward trade-offs throughout.

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