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Description: [For the "Create a Mario Party Board Contest #4"]  :luigi:
Basic idea
This board is themed around the better and greener Mario.
My goal was to represent as much Luigi as I could, but not always in a direct way.

The board itself
If you want to you can devide the board into 5 different areas. On the top left you can spot a Paper section with Mario and Luigis house and a rainbow as it's main attractions. If you land on the ?-space next to the house you will get one out of six questions - of course with Luigi as their theme. Why is there a rainbow?! Have you never played Paper Mario Color Splash where Luigi drives on the rainbow?  :P  If you land on the ?-spaces below Huey/the rainbow you'll get a warp box (or coins if you already have 3 items), because it fits the colors best and an other reason I'll talk about later.

On the bottom right you can find a Luigi's Mansion section where Boo is located. Uuuuu... and don't land on the ?-spaces or you will be portet to the other... hihihihi. The rest of this section should be clear.

The bottom left and top right are contrary sections. The L-section stands for Luigi. if you go there you need to have a lucky time, because TWO !-spaces, a Bowser and a Game Guy space is there. Don't get clumsy there! The Γ-section stands for Waluigi (and I know that his symbol is mirrored, but it fits the board best - and who cares :P ), the worst enemy of Luigi. If you land there you need to be scared a lot! On the 1st, 3rd and 4th ?-space the piranha plants will steal some coins (10 or 20) and if you land on the ?-space next to the cap your opponents will get 10 goins, not to mentaion the Bowser- and !-space. By the way: Why would you ever go in there sections? 1) To avoid the bank or the Game Guy-spaces or 2) because there can be a star in both sections.

The center of this map is filled with flowers. For whom could Luigi have placed them there? If you land on a ?-space in the circle the 8 bit Luigi will give you some coins - if you are lucky even a lot of coins. Otherwise the center is the place to go if you want to go a specific way.

Space lineup
Blue spaces: 52
Red spaces: 7
?-spaces: 11
!-spaces: 3
Bowser spaces: 3
Item spaces: 8
Battle spaces: 3
Bank space: 1
Game Guy spaces: 6

Boo: 1
Item shops: 2
Gates: 2

Yes, I know that SIX Game Guy spaces are a lot :) But we are talking about Luigi here! If there is one guy that always needs luck, then it's him. Thats also the reason for TWO !-spaces in the L-zone. I places the bank not near the start, because I wanted to let the player the coice if he wants to spend a key on the L-zone or pay the bank. The L-zone does not need to be scary - but it can be. Also I placed the item shops a bit seperate. Both are placed on there position to make these specific ways (even if there are not always far from the main route) more attractive, specally the bottom one. There are 4 item-spaces and a shop, but no star-host-space, so if you need an item thats the place to go. The boo placing should be obviouse.

Yes, this is a lucky board
Not only do you have SIX Game Guy spaces, but the warp boxes from Huey, the L-zone and ?-spaces in the Mansion-zone are maing this board a perfect place for Luigi :)

Easter eggs SPOILERS
If you want to search them by yourself: Do it now.

On the bottom left are some ballons to represent the minigame from Super Mario Odyssey.
The Poltergeist should be obvious.
There are two things hidden behind plants: A watch from NSLU to represent to small timelimit there and a special girl for Luigi... Who could this be?
The rainbow was explained earlier.
The Luigi + Daisy-statue is from Mario Kart Wii's Daisy Cuircet.
There are 2 caps on the map: One from luigi and one from Waluigi.
Can you spot more?!

Creation of this board
To make it not so long:
1) I had the idea of the 4 corner-zones to represent Luigi right before I got to sleep, the next day I draw all the paths on a paper (0.9mm width), colored the top corners and the L- and Γ-zone (yes, they are hand drawn) and scanned it in There I made the boarders of the paths a bit more nice and divided the top left and bottom right from the rest. Then I searched for textures and used them on the board. Now it was time for the spaces and custom events (thanks for the help with the ?-spaces, Airsola) and to finish the board of I added the details (flowers, enemies, etc.). This took a lot of time - but here is the finished (and my 2nd ever) board :)

One small thing to mention
If you go on the 4-split-path with a reverse-mushroom, you CAN go in all directions, but you need to turn first with the arrow facing between to paths. This is self-explaining if you can in this situation.
And I'm bad in English  ;D
Posted by: Cedrik September 16, 2019

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December 02, 2019
This is a pretty nice board, looks cool with fun gimmicks
The size is similar to most MP3 boards but with enough intersections so it doesn't feel too long to travel on!
The gimmicks are simple but work nicely!
And the space distribution is great although I still believe the Waluigi section should have more going for it!
But hey, this is still a fun board and I'd definitely recommend to check it out!

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