do u think they should put a make your own mario chaecter in it?

yes its a good idea
4 (21.1%)
no it would be bad
13 (68.4%)
you dont know
2 (10.5%)

Total Members Voted: 18

Author Topic: Should you be able to make your own Mario character?  (Read 6710 times)

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I don't even understand what this guy is trying to say :P But no regardless.

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Given the likely overbearing restrictions and limitations on character parts and design, any custom chara would look poorly made. So this gets the official NO from me.

Marth is not amused.

Offline Ether

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I think we should have some sort of create-a-character mode. :P

Yeah, now that I think about it, having a create-a-character mode would be a bad idea. :P

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No, Mario already has a enough friends to party with. Plus Miis are pretty much this.

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I think that they should leave it alone.  Why fix what isn't broken.  Just play with the Mario characters

Offline Lord Vaati

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I say no, because it's pretty impossible.
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Nope.  I enjoy playing the Mario characters alone.  I don't even think the Miis should be playable..  but that's just me.  I think Mario Party is fine without Miis or Mario OCs.