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« on: December 09, 2013 »

There are Astrological symbols on board. You have to find the symbol that matches the large one in the center. However, there's always less symbols than players. So you have to be quick to make sure, that you don't get eliminated. It's better to have keen eye!

This is probably my favorite Battle-game from Mario Party 5. It has all the suspense that who is going to be eliminated. It also kinda reminds me of Locked Out from Mario Party 3, because in Locked Out, there's always less keys than players while on this one, there's always less symbols than players.
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Re: Astro-Logical
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This mini-game does remind me of Locked Out. It's pretty fun, better than most of the battle mini-games in Mario Party 5. I used to cheat at this by pausing whenever 50 coins were on the line against only computer opponents. I play without pausing any other time.
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Re: Astro-Logical
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Find this long ago Others will have to send it to.