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Ideas for Movies
« on: January 29, 2011 »
Post any movie ideas you had. Could be funny movies or it could be scary movies

Title: Hidden

Actors: Bruce Willis, Elijah Wood, others

Setting: Philadelphia

Plot: Willie McGee (32) is a flaming homophobe who hates homosexuals and is also a bankrupt therapist. He finds a young and mental kid named Ben DeRosa (10) who claims that he can see gay people and ends up in a mental facility. Ben is mocked in school and nobody believes him. Willie tells Ben to tell his visions to go f themselves. Willie has a lot of problems with his marriage, his wife won't talk to him. Ben attempts to tell his mother that he can see gay people, but she doesn't believe him at first so he has to have sex with his school's principal to convince her otherwise. Willie finishes his job and goes back to his wife to tell her that he loves her, but she says that the only reason she didn't talk to him was because he was gay. Willie is shocked and looks at his hand to see that the wedding ring is no longer there. At the end, Willie denounces heterosexuality and becomes a gay

"Why don't you come in closer, Ben?" Willie McGee
"Ok" Ben
"Woah, not too close. Because that would be gay. And I hate gays!" Willie McGee

"I can see gay people" Ben DeRosa
"Yes, and I can see sparkling unicorns" Willie McGee

"They're here" Ben DeRosa
"Who? The ghosts?" Willie
"No, the PIZZA DELIVERY GUY, you goddam dumbass!" Ben DeRosa

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Re: Ideas for Movies
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Roger Ebert gave it 3 thumbs up.

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Re: Ideas for Movies
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Title: Not Another Day

Setting: Piezrak, Poland, 1944

Plot: Heinrich Scheiller (35) is a sadistic German soldier in WW2 who works in a concentration camp. He becomes very infamous and sends a lot of people to the crematorium while tiring out the living ones. One day, Polik Zavitsky (34), Heinrich's big childhood friend, is taken to the camp. Heinrick immediately recognizes his old friend, but Polik is still unaware. Heinrich begins feeling guilt, but decides not to reveal his identity to Polik because he's afraid of Polik seeing what he has become. Polik decides to escape during a night, but he is caught, and is going to be publicly hanged. It's Heinrich's turn to be the one who pulls the hang trigger Polik. During the hangings, Heinrich keeps his face turned away from Polik so he will not know. To Heinrich's horror however, as he's about to pull the trigger, Polik takes a look at his executioner's face, and recognizes his old friend. Heinrich is disturbed by his action, but forgets about it in a month.
In three months, another interesting Jew arrives. A twenty night year old Croat who goes by the name "Salts". Salts has many striking similarities with Heinrich, to the point where it creeps Heinrich out. After an emotional breakdown, Salts risks his life and consoles Heinrich, and the two begin a secret friendship. Salts explains that he had a sister at this camp who was killed in the gas chambers earlier in the year, a death Heinrich might've been responsible for. Salts gets into an altercation with the camp leader, and is going to be publicly tortured and hanged the next day. As an "honor" for hard work, the camp leader appoints Heinrich to be working with his top soldier, Den Vitz, to make the ceremony as inhumane as possible. Heinrich gives Salts his final meal that he sneaked off from the kitchen during nighttime, and spends the night silently with Salts. In order to get out of torturing his friend, Heinrich agrees on a deal with Den that Den will torture Salts, while Heinrich himself will push the chair. Heinrich for the first time could not stand it, and became sick. After he understood that he could take no more, Heinrich shoots Den, and comes up to Salts. Heinrich hugs Salts, and says sorry as he pulls the lever. Momentarily, Heinrich sees his own face in Salts. Heinrich immediately falls to the floor as he goes into shock.
Five years later, Heinrich is in a mental facility as he reminisces the moment when he killed Salts; and the moment eleven years ago, when Heinrich himself killed his own life.

"Heinrich, that you?"
"Sorry Pol..."

"Mr. Scheiller, you have been one of my best soldiers during my time here. I feel I never really got to reward you. How about this, you handle the special ceremony we have tomorrow? I can feel you're excited Mr. Scheiller."