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Title: {MP1} Constellation Chaos
Post by: MikesMonsterGaming on November 06, 2016
Hey there everyone this is my work in progress board Constellation Chaos for Mario Party 1. I still got a few bugs to iron out but if you guys have any feedback/suggestions it would definitely help. I also have a link to download the board if you guys want to play it for yourselves and help me out with making this board awesome.

Constellation Chaos Board Download
Title: Re: {MP1} Constellation Chaos
Post by: SuperZambezi on November 06, 2016
Awesome! Your board looks very much much improved since the last time I saw it! I'm glad you went with the branching paths, I think that makes the board a lot more interesting.

I don't see any major problems with the board layout and the space distribution. If you think it's ready, go ahead and submit it to the downloads page! Although it may be a good idea to get a few other opinions in before submitting.