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Mario Sports Superstars
« on: September 01, 2016 »
A new Mario sports game confirmed
Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and Horse Riding, what do you think and what do you expect?

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Re: Mario Sports Superstars
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2016 »
I'm hyped!!  ;D
But also.. slightly scared because Mario sports games are getting pretty bland nowadays and it looks like it follow the same formula  :-\
I want something as good as Mario Sports Mix for this game with fun items, various places to play and cool special attacks for every characters!!  :-D

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Re: Mario Sports Superstars
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2016 »
I know, I wasn't impressed with Mario Tennis Open at all, but I'm pretty optimistic about this game.
One thing is for certain, there will be lots of playable characters, 20 is already confirmed. Since Baseball is one of the sports, roster will be quite large for sure, considering Mario Superstar Baseball had 32 playable characters and Mario Super Sluggers having 41, not counting Miis and alternate colors. There's, however, a possibility some characters will be exclusive to certain sports, the case we have in the latest Mario & Sonic Olympic Games, but if they don't exaggerate with it, it shouldn't be a big flaw. As for items and special moves, I really have high hoops for it.
Also, I can't help but smell the scent of Mario Kart in Horse Racing mode. Just saying, maybe it'll be something we haven't seen in Mario games so far, who knows.
All in all, I do think this will be one delicious piece of cake   ;D
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Re: Mario Sports Superstars
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2016 »
As much as I was down on MT: Ultra Smash for it's bewildering lack of content, we have to remember MG: World Tour was packed with content and we got even more via DLC, so considering this is the same team it could go either way.

And with this slated as a Spring 2017 title(the supposed timetable of the release of the NX hmmmmm) it has me wondering if this isn't part of something bigger for the Mario Sports brand going forward.

What if Mario Sports Superstars is something they plan to add to as time goes on? Start out with Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Soccer, and Horse Racing at launch, and then add more sports through dlc as time goes by.(say... basketball, volleyball, or hockey maybe? Basket weaving?)

Regardless, content will be key with me. I'm not really worried about the roster, that looks great already and as long as there is a healthy selection of stadiums, race tracks, courses, and courts for us to play on, this should have huge replay value what with it being online.(*cough*Star Rush*cough*)

At any rate, I look forward to seeing what comes of this game.(And seeing more Mario Horses! :D)

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Re: Mario Sports Superstars
« Reply #4 on: September 28, 2016 »
I hope it's a good one, i loved the mario super strikers