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Title: The Lost Levels: Episode 238 - Halloween Nintendo Music
Post by: SpiderStaryu on October 24, 2016

Episode 238 - Halloween Nintendo Music

Trick or Treat! We’re in the ominous month of October, and The Lost Levels have a haunting music podcast in store for you! Halloween is just around the corner, and to get into the SINISTER mood, each Lost Level has prepared 6 spooky Nintendo tracks for your listening pleasure! That’s a total of 18 haunting tracks from a variety of different Nintendo games! So while you’re stuffing your face with candy, carving some pumpkins, or decorating your house for a Halloween party; we got the right tracks to get you in the Halloween vibe!

Your favorite SINISTER spider, FrankenStaryu, will be leading this frightening musical podcast! Co-hosts include the very scary werewolf, SuperZombiezi, and Donkey Kong reincarnated; the tawdry Soul! Happy Halloween, everyone!

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