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Quick Rules

1. No spamming: this means do not post pump, and avoid double posting..
2. No 1 or 2 worded posts. Make posts as meaningful as possible.
3. Post in the right boards. Try and keep discussion on-topic or closely related to the main topic.
4. No adult (18+), obscene or otherwise distasteful posts.
5. Maintain repsect for fellow members' opinions and differences.
6. Observe and respect staff decisions/sanctions.
7. No unwanted advertising.
8. No trolling (intentionally instigating trouble or provoking others through outrageous statements).

Anything else is common sense. Just have fun without making stupid mistakes and you will do fine.


Spam, Post Pumping and Double Posting

There are many ways to make quality posts, but there are also many ways to make mistakes that would be considered Spam.
1. First off, short posts such as 'I like this game' are not good posts. Answering a topic with 'yes', 'no', 'this', or quoting another's post without adding anything else, also not do not count as a quality post.

Please do not post in a topic with "I don't know". No, don't even try to disguise the post by saying for example, "Hmm, I don't know what would be the worst Nintendo game. Based on what you guys have already said, I'll say Gyromite." It still doesn't change the fact that you know nothing about the topic at hand. By contrast, if you are unclear about something, you are allowed to ask questions such as, "I checked out the video of Mario Party 9 but I couldn't tell if Bowser Jr. was playable. Does anyone know?"

Your post should have something to either keep the conversation going or for someone else to be able to see and understand your thoughts and opinions. You don't need to post a whole chapter or block of text, but as long as you provide somepoint of discussion to the topic, you should be alright.

Here are some examples of what you should and shouldn't post.

Instead of:You should post like this:
yeah I agreeYeah, I agree that Mario Party 4 was the worst in the series. It just didn't have that Mario Party touch like the games before it did.
NoNo, the Mushroom is not the best item. You can get a bigger number using the Golden Mushroom.
YesYes, I do have that game. It's one of my favorites.
mario party 2     I would pick Mario Party 2. It has the best boards.
yoshiYour best choice would be Yoshi. The other characters don't match up
hiHey, welcome to the Forum. Your username reminds me of Toad. Anyway, welcome and enjoy your time here.

In general, making topics should follow the same guidelines as when you reply to a topic. Don't make a topic post with one word, like "Discuss" - what do you want people to discuss? Also, frame your opening post such that can be responded in different ways. For example, instead of: "I like Mario Party. Do you??", post something like "Mario Party is a great game because it introduced the party board genre to the Mario universe. Do you like Mario Party? Discuss in terms of gameplay, boards, etc."

We all want our post count to go up and reach the next rank, but don't do it senselessly. Posting short quick posts that have little value in every topic won't cut it. Getting 50 posts on your first day is possible, but only if those were well thought out posts.

If a member is suspected of post-related offences, they will be warned initially, then as deemed necessary sanctioned.

A note on double posting (where you post twice in a row): in general, boards that are not Forum Games or Blogs should not be double posted in. In some circumstances, double posting may be allowed, but it is the Staff's decision if a double post is valid or not - they will alert you if this is the case. If you need to alter your posts in any other instance, please use the Modify button located beside your post (alternatively, use the pencil and paper icon and edit your post there). In all other cases, Double Posting will result in a form of notification or warning.

Avoid necroposting, or reviving a very old topic (over 3 months old), especially if you are not adding anything extra to the topic. A recent rule change means that even if a topic still exists in the Archives, as long as it hasn't been posted in for a while, you may make a new topic on the same content.

Also, try to avoid a situation where only you and another member post alternately on a particular topic. This is called one-on-one conversations, and could be deleted if post pumping is suspected.

Adult Content/18+

Mario Party Legacy is a family-friendly forum, and therefore we have a policy here about anything 18+. It's not allowed here. Any such links, photos, or videos are prohibited, and will be deleted; the offending member will likely receive a major ban.

As for slight references in posts, it will be at Staff discretion whether or not something is risque enough to warrant removal. If something is kept, it may be enclosed in a spoiler such as SPOILER: POSSIBLE OBJECTIONABLE MATERIAL or SPOILER: POSSIBLY UNSAFE FOR WORK.


Everyone has an opinion and it is something we all have to respect. Of course you can disagree and post why, but it has to be done without offending or hurting the other member.

A key to maintaining a discussion environment is to remember, "attack the argument, not the person". If you can avoid it, do not use first- or second-person pronouns in a direct counterargument. "I believe" is probably the main exception.
Here's an example.
Don't post like this: "You're completely wrong. It's clear that my state's National Parks are better than your states, so just accept the fact, OK?"
Instead, aim for this: "Many people have commented that the National Parks in my state are among some of the most beautiful. Likewise, people have said that your states National Parks take an acquired taste. So while I can understand why you prefer your National Parks, I still believe that our National Parks are 'better' because of their beauty."
Avoid one-on-one conversations that have an undertone of spite and/or viciousness. Sometimes it may be better to pull out of the heated discussion you're in, and leave it to rest.

Callous attacks on members, victimising others, and bullying through PMs, shoutbox and whatnot should be reported. The staff will deal with offending members accordingly.

Drama is the act of starting an argument without any proof of the accuser's faulty accusation. Please refrain from doing this or warnings might be placed out.

Also, if you have beef with someone, please don't call them out on the SBox. Instead, PRIVATE MESSAGE us, pretty pretty please.


We have word censors here, so when you swear, it will automatically be censored. Shoutbox doesn't have censors currently, so just be aware of that and don't go crazy with swearing. But as stated, It's alright to swear, but just don't go overboard with it or use it to flame someone. Also, swearing is not to be reported unless it's completely out of line.


Do not create any alternate accounts (other accounts besides your first account). These alt accounts will be permanently banned.
Make sure you are posting in the right board - it's rather embarrassing to post something, no matter how detailed, in the wrong place!


Advertising is not allowed, unless you are an affiliate site. Unauthorised advertising will be removed from its source. Advertising bots (who post advertising and/or have advertisement links in their profile) will be banned and/or deleted immediately.

Staff Positions

Do not ask for a staff spot unless the staff expressly announce nominations, because you won't get it! Annoying us with spam PMs won't help your cause either. PLEASE don't otherwise you can get a warning for spam.

Game Emulation

Discussing emulation is now allowed, however if you post a link to a ROM of any sort you will be penalized with warning points. Images, general discussion, TAS etc. are all ok to talk about.

Warnings (Point System)

We have a new warning system that will be actively used against offenses. Please respect the staff's decisions and follow the rules. If you receive a warning, and you don't think it's fair, please take it up with a staff member, do not create any drama on the forum. If you do so, you might receive a warning or maybe a ban depending on how bad the backlash is.

  • Each member has a points bar that will fill up on committing offences.
  • Upon 6 Points, the member will receive a ban. Bans are described below.
  • Depending on whether the member is a repeat offender or not, points may be removed over time if rules are not broken.

The system for warnings (points) and bans is as follows:
The guideline to how many points you'll receive for committing an offence will be posted here. Please note that this may change at any time, under Staff discretion. Note that many first-time offenders will be issued a notification or two in their offending posts; please take the time to read them. Depending on the severity, the staff reserve the right to increase the amount of points for repeated offenses or a straight up offense.
  • Spam Post : 1 POINT
  • Unreadable Post: 1 POINT
  • Advertising : 2 POINTS
  • Disrespecting Staff : 2 POINTS
  • Link to ROM : 2 POINTS
  • Post Pumping : 2 POINTS
  • Flaming : 3 POINTS
  • Trolling : 3 POINTS
  • Adult Content : (Automatic ban)

If a member's points bar reaches 6 points, they will receive a ban. First ban will usually be a minor ban depending (3~7 Days), but if the member comes back and repeats the same offenses, the ban will be longer. Some members will receive longer bans for more severe offenses.
  • Minor ban (3~7 days) - for repeated minor offences
  • Moderate ban (10~21 days)  - for repeated moderate offences, or for repeated offences following a minor ban
  • Major ban (28~31 days) - for major offences, or for repeated offences following a moderate ban
  • Permanent ban (perpetual) - a never-ending ban, given to the worst offenders
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