Author Topic: What popular songs show signs of musical improvement?  (Read 5951 times)

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Re: What popular songs show signs of musical improvement?
« Reply #15 on: February 26, 2014 »
I mean, like what popular songs actually DESERVE to be up there and is good and shows the future of music is bright and yes I am aware I used and like ten times and that this sentence is really long.
i think you're forgetting musical taste is subjective and whether it's "good" or not is left up to the listener
I think you're forgetting just because something is subjective doesn't mean good and bad are negated.
good and bad are decided by the listener. if a large number of people agree that a song is bad and one person believes it is good, then that makes the song bad to the number of people who don't like it and good to the person who likes it. there is no universal force which governs the quality of a song.

the topic just circlejerks the idea that all popular music is bad. there are a lot of people who actually enjoy the music played in the top 40 and wouldn't consider it bad by any means.

I can easily say something is bad because I don't like it.
and someone can just as easily disagree with your opinion on that.
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Re: What popular songs show signs of musical improvement?
« Reply #16 on: August 17, 2014 »
Not based on the music industry as a whole, but Pills N Potions is a huge improvement over Nicki Minaj's previous stuff, probably because I love ballads and this is pretty close to a ballad (then she ruined a glimmer of hope with Anaconda, lord it's horrible).