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Episode 175 - The Lost Levels
« on: August 30, 2015 »

Episode 175 - The Lost Levels

The Lost Levels are tackling a topic that we’ve somehow missed! Mario Party 7, one of the more popular Gamecube Mario Parties, is the topic this week. Of course, just like any Mario Party, we cover the basics of any game in the series! Listen in to hear some opinions on the microphone minigames, how some of the boards fare up to the crew’s previous experiences, and, well, you can probably hear from the episode that we have another member that is trying out for the spot on The Lost Levels! Sol is hosting and Dark Boo is also here, but newcomer Stalfos is here, too!

The Lost Levels are looking for a new Lost Level! Our third choice for a person trying out, Stalfos! Please tell us how you think he did! If YOU yourself are interested in trying out for The Lost Levels, check the requirements first, then email us at: “TheLostLevels (remove the space between Levels and MPL). Good luck to everyone!

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