Mossgreen Woods

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Description: Traverse these Moss-filled Woods and gather resources to buy Stars!

(This board was made for the Mario Party Legacy Custom Board Contest #5!)

The main gimmick of this board is that you can buy up to 5 stars on any turn if you'd like! The catch is, each star costs 30 coins. At the start of each turn, you are asked if you'd like to warp to the Tree of Time (Start), the Stargrove (Star) or stay where you are. The CPUs will always warp to the Tree of Time, so they're not too much of a challenge, sadly. Along with this, there's also a day/night cycle in Mossgreen Woods! You can track it by checking the time at the top of the screen.

Daytime: 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Nighttime: 6:00 PM - 5:00 AM

This board is best when played with about 35-50 turns, but you can always play it with less if you'd like!

Happening Events:
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Arrow Events:
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Both the Lucky Lamp and Magic Lamp cannot be used on this board. Along with this, at the Last 5 Turns, each player gets a Wacky Watch. Finally, when crossing a junction, you get 5 coins in the daytime and 10 coins at night!


I hope you try this board out and have fun as well! Please tell me if you find any glitches!

Posted by: YoshiYay! August 23, 2021

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