Maple Blossom Beach v2.1

Maple Blossom Beach v2.1.json

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Description: You can relax on this Blissful Beach...or Snag some Stars!

A great place to relax and a much needed break from your troubles, all in one place!

Happening Events:
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Arrow Events:
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This is my first more "traditional" board in a while, so I hope you enjoy it!


I hope you try this board out and have fun as well! Please tell me if you find any glitches
Posted by: YoshiYay! September 08, 2021

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July 20, 2021
This board has a nice aesthetic and overall plays quite well! I think it's got an interesting layout with the different parts interacting in different ways. For example, there is the middle section with a number of different paths that make traversing the board more interesting. At the right side, the player can go up to loop the middle section again relatively easily, and use the warp events to get around. Or they could go right and down on a longer path that is riskier, with lots of Duel Happening events as well as the Star-removing Autumn Trees event.

While the passing warp events didn't work when I played the board, I think that in combination with the warp Happening events they make this board much more dynamic as it becomes quite interesting to traverse the board in a variety of ways.

I think the weakest link in the board is the gated path, there's really not much reason to go there except when the Star is there. I would recommend moving the rightmost Chance Time Space in there as not only was it in a high-traffic spot but it would give more reason to visit the gated path otherwise.

All in all I quite enjoyed the board and I think it has the foundation for a very interesting board, and further polishing up the warps and layout/space distribution could make it a very strategic and interesting board!

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