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Description: Traverse this snowy station, but make sure you brought a coat!

This icy board is a great spot to ride some trains to other great spots! Sadly, some snow may block you way to them!

Main Gimmicks:
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Happening Events:
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Arrow/Passing Events:
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This board was really fun and challenging to make, especially because of the whole say and night thing. I hope you have fun if you play it!

and everyone else who gave me advise on anything in this board! Without these amazing discord users, this board either wouldn't even exist or be much worse than it is.

Hope you have fun and please tell me if you find any glitches with the board!

v2 - Since there were a lot of bugs with the snowball gates, v2 removes those! This version is a lot less glitchy, so I hope you have fun!
Posted by: YoshiYay! June 30, 2021

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April 04, 2021
This board blends two unique concepts - a day/night cycle and the limited paths - into a board with lots of promise!

However, I think that the execution of the limited paths left something to be desired. In particular, it ends up feeling like a waiting game where you hit the dice and wait for something to happen; the player doesn't really get to make any interesting decisions using items or at junctions.

One suggestion would be to make more Item Spaces on the outside paths, as this would give players more opportunity to get items and make choices on how to use those items. In particular, it makes getting a Skeleton Key from Item Spaces more desirable, since they could use it to get past the snowball blockade!

Overall, I really quite liked the aesthetic, and the custom music added to the ambience very well! There are lots of unique ideas here that I think could use some refining, but it was overall a good experience!

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