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Description: Welcome to Bob-omb World, the park everyone loves!

In this board, you'll explore a world-renowned theme park, Bob-omb World! Make sure to have the most sparklers at the end!

(Credits = Coins, Sparklers = Stars)

Happening Events:
Gain/Lose Coins - You gain/lose some coins!

Arrow Events:
Gambling With Lucky - Time to Gamble with Lucky! Pay him 10 credits, 20 credits or one whole sparkler and you may get something in return.....may...
Fahr Outpost Buddies - Meet up with some Bob-ombs from Fahr Outpost and trade some credits for items!
Help Desk - Need any help with this board? Ask the worker behind the Help Desk and she'll tell you all you need to know about Bob-omb World! She does seem kind of sad, though...
Owner Steal - Ask the Owner and he'll steal 10 coins from an opponent!
Memorial Wheel - In honor of Bob-omb's Passing in the Sweetpaper Valley, Bob-omb World created a ferris wheel....may he rest in peace. Mash the Z button to gain a lot of credits!
Galaxy Coaster - Take the Galaxy Coaster to the Yellow Drop-off Spot!
Cannons - Getting into one of these cannons will have you be rocketed out to the other one!
Souvenir Shop - Shop here for some souvenirs....or at least some so called "souvenirs"....these are items!
Bob-omb Toss - Toss some fluffy Bob-ombs to either your opponents, the
Bronze Ring, the Silver Ring or the Gold Ring!
Rich Family Sparkler Sell - Sell a Sparkler to the rich family for 45 credits!

0 Banks
0 Item Shops
0 Skeleton Gates
0 Boos
23 Blue Spaces
7 Red Spaces
3 Item Spaces
4 Battle Spaces
2 Game Guy Spaces
3 Chance Spaces
6 Happening Spaces
2 Bowser Spaces
0 Star Spaces

This board, has no star spaces, so how do you get stars? Answer: You don't! You get sparklers instead! On the big sparkler space, you can purchase up to 9 sparklers for 25 credits each! What a bargain!

There are some prohibited items here! These include:
Skeleton Keys
Lucky Lamps
Boo Repellants
Magic Lamps
Koopa Kards

Extra Content!:
I've hidden 5 Easter Eggs around this board and you'll have to discover them (or not...)
(They will be marked like this:
; You found Easter Egg #
; The ______ Easter Egg!)
What, you want some hints? Fine...
1. Where you would find day and night cycles....
2. Inside a troubled soul....
3. Melodic Midis....
4. A ?Surprising? Location....
5. In the oddest of places....
Good Luck!

__________________________________________________________________________ ___________________

Hard Mode Changes:
In Hard Mode, there are a few changes to make this park harder:
1. For the Memorial Wheel, the CPUs will gain many more coins
2. The Help Desk.....just don't go there
3. The park will alternate between day and night every 3 turns, this does not effect gameplay

and everyone who gave me advice on the board! Thank you all very much, this board probably wouldn't exist without these discord users!
Posted by: YoshiYay! June 20, 2021

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