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Description: Look around this luxurious Yacht for secrets and Stars!

In this board, you'll hunt for stars scattered across the sea as well as on the Yacht. Be ready for anything!

Happening Events:
Duel - Initiates a Duel
Space Change - The Captain changes all most blue spaces into red ones. The only way to revert this is by triggering the event again!
Pink Yoshi Vomit - The Pink Yoshi vomits on you, making you only roll a 1-3 Dice Block the next turn!
Purple Yoshi Item Giveaway - The Purple Yoshi gives you an item! How nice of him!
Gentleman Pink Yoshi Egg Throw - The Gentleman Pink Yoshi will throw one of his eggs at an opponent if you have enough cash. You could either have him throw a Slow Egg, a Reverse Egg or a Super Egg!
Urchin Squish - The Urchins squish you, making you lose a few coins

Arrow Events:
Space Change - Same as the Happening Space Change but locked behind a Skeleton Gate!
Gentleman Pink Yoshi Egg Throw - Same as the Happening version
Baby Purple Yoshi's Insight - The Baby Purple Yoshi can tell just by looking at you if you have a bonus star or not!

0 Banks
1 Item Shop
1 Skeleton Gate
1 Boo
42/8 Blue Spaces (8 if the "Space Change" event is triggered)
10/44 Red Spaces (44 if the "Space Change" event is triggered)
4 Item Spaces
3 Battle Spaces
3 Game Guy Spaces
4 Chance Spaces
13 Happening Spaces
3 Bowser Spaces
8 Star Spaces

One thing to remember about this board is that it uses the new "Snifit Patrol" event (made by MarioComix from the MPL discord!) to get rid of Wacky Watches and Koopa Cards!

and a big thanks to MarioComix

Without these event makers, this board wouldn't even exist!
Posted by: YoshiYay! January 25, 2021

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