Frosted Forest v1.1

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Description: An Icy-cold Forest for icy-cold players!

This Board is alot like Snowflake Lake from MP6, and I'm not just talking about the snow theme. On this board, each player gets 10 stars at the start and will try to steal their opponent's stars! Be careful here-everyone's an enemy.

Happening Events:
Steal 10 Coins - Steal 10 coins from an opponent. If they have less than 10 coins, you steal all that they have. You can't steal from an opponent with 0 coins (obviously)
Duel - This is kinda self-explantiory. Landing one one of these spaces initiates a duel
Get X Item - The Happening Spaces near an item will give you the corresponding item. If your inventory is full, you get 10 coins instead

Arrow Events:
Fuzzy Traps - This is the event that lets you steal stars! If you pay the Fuzzy 10 coins, he'll set up a trap for opponents. When an opponent passes the same arrow space, they'll give a star to you! There are 2 regular (Blue/Red) spaces near each Fuzzy Trap that will give the owner of the trap 2 stars if landed on. After a star is stolen, the trap goes away. Each Fuzzy has 3 sets of traps that they can make, each costing 10 coins. This means that you could buy a maximum of 3 traps from a Fuzzy for 30 coins. Don't be afraid to buy these traps-they're the easiest way to steal some stars!

1 Bank
2 Item Shops
1 Skeleton Gate
1 Boo
17 Blue Spaces
6 Red Spaces
2 Item Spaces
2 Battle Spaces
1 Game Guy Space
2 Chance Spaces
21 Happening Spaces
2 Bowser Spaces
1 Star Space

This Board is very small, which is why there's a very low amount of non-happening green spaces. Anyway, hope you enjoy this Chilled Coppice and please tell me if it crashes!

v1.1 - A added a Fuzzy Space thing to the one in the top because it only had 2
Posted by: YoshiYay! January 19, 2021

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