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Description: From Flashy Neon Fields to Chocolatey Corners!

This Neon Hot-Spot is a pretty traditional board, no gimmicks here! Will you go with the geometry or close in on the center?

Happening Events:
Green Area:
Flower Spores - Landing on this space will make the flower you're on release some toxic spores, making you only roll a 1-3 Dice Block next turn
Professor Toad's Dig - Press the button Professor Toad tells you to repeatedly to dig. Professor Toad will give you some money and some Mushrooms depending on what you dig up!

Red Area:
Chocolate Flows - Landing on any of the happening spaces in the chocolate flows will have you being carried by them to a different area!
Olivia Coins Giveaway - Landing on these spaces will have Olivia give you some coins!

Blue Area:
Kamek's Magical Steal - Kamek will steal 10 coins from whomever you chose!

Subtract to Happening Star - Landing on these spaces will actually reduce your happening star! They nothing other than this, though

Duel - All Happenings on the black walkways are duel happenings along with a few others. This initiates a duel!
Bowser jr. Revolution - Bowser jr. takes everyone's coins, then redistributes them equally to each player

Arrow Events:
Professor Toad's Shop - Shop for useful items at Professor Toad's Shop!
Bobby's Friend? - Bobby will ask if you want to be his friend. Hopefully, you say yes!
Take Coins from 1st Place - Bowser jr. will take 5 coins from 1st place!

2 Banks
1 Item Shop
1 Skeleton Gate
1 Boo
67 Blue Spaces (I may have miscounted, though)
14 Red Spaces
7 Item Spaces
6 Battle Spaces
2 Game Guy Spaces
7 Chance Spaces (Don't worry, 4 of them are locked behind a Skeleton Gate)
21 Happening Spaces
2 Bowser Spaces
7 Star Spaces

Hope you enjoy! Please tell me if it crashes!

Posted by: YoshiYay! January 17, 2021

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