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Description: You've booked a trip to a Luxurious Resort!

Welcome to Blossom Paradise! If you want to learn more about this resort then read on!

Blossom Paradise used to be home to many Shy Guys. They were very happy there until war struck. It got conquered by the Chain Chomps. Then, the current owners of the resort, the Snifits, offered to help them reclaim their land but only if they were allowed to make it into a resort "(the Snifits really liked resorts, you see). The Shy Guys accepted this and the Snifits fought back the Chain Chomps. Everything else is history!

Happening Events:

Beach Island (Top-Left):
Duel - A Duel happens

Volcano Island (Bottom-Left):
Red Shy Guy Item - The Red Shy Guy gives you an item!

Lunar Island (Top-Right):
Lunar Tree Share - The Lunar Tree gives all opponents 10 coins

Petal Island (Bottom-Right):
Duel - A Duel happens
Red Shy Guy Item - The Red Shy Guy gives you an item!

Arrow Events:
Shy Guy Island Warp - Located on all Islands, this lets you warp to a different Island via Shy Guy

Custom Space Events:
Coins - Get or lose a few coins
Chance Time EX - A super overpowered chance time (at least for the player who landed on it!) because they current player gets to pick either the giver, receiver or the trade! They can only pick one of those 3, though
Pink Shy Guy Space - Steal 10 coins from an opponent
Blooper Branch Break - A Blooper breaks a branch, sending all players on them to start!
Tumble Space - Tumble comes in and helps out the current player!
Item Burnup - Located on the flowing lava on Volcano Island, landing on either of there spaces will result in you losing an item. If you're lucky, you might be able to keep all your items!

0 Banks :(
2 Item Shops
0 Skeleton Gates :(
1 Boo
25 Blue Spaces
8 Red Spaces
3 Item Spaces
2 Battle Spaces
1 Game Guy Space
1 Chance Space
10 Happening Spaces
2 Bowser Spaces
8 Star Spaces
22 Custom Spaces

You might notice that there are a very little "green" spaces on this board. This is mostly because it's a very small board in general. While playtesting, these spaces were landed on a good amount of times, so I think it's fair.

Please tell me if it crashes!

Posted by: YoshiYay! January 04, 2021

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