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Description: This Fun Park is Open and full of Alluring Attractions!

This Board is based off of Blue Streamer from PMToK (Autumn Mountain and Shogun Studios, which is a theme park). Technically, there's a spoiler warning. You've been warned! Right at the start of the Board, you are forced to get a Membership Card (Koopa Card) to enter the Park. Also, each turn you can sell a star for coins (Made by justin (MarioComix) #mipsgang from the MPL discord) Anyway, here are the events:

Happening Events:
Train Ride - The Train is the only part of the Board that I just randomly put in because I felt like it. This event has you riding a train to the top-left of the board (with all the bowser spaces).
Shuriken Throw - This space, located on the Shurikens, gives you another chance to get a prize from the Shuriken Dojo. I'll say what this event does in the "Arrow Events" section.
Bridge Break - Located on both bridges, landing on these spaces will send you plummeting into the river below. After being rescued, you are relocated to the space near Princess the Chomp.
Princess' Bite - You get bitten by Princess, making you lose a few coins.

Arrow Events:
Shuriken Throw - This event lets you throw Shurikens at Targets. If you miss, you lose coins. If you land a shot, you either get a Mushroom or Coins. There is a Maximum of 3 Throws, though.
Pet Princess - Mash A to Pet Princess
Bobby's Memories - Help Bobby regain his memories! Answer his question. If you get it right, you are rewarded with some Coins. There is no penalty for getting it wrong.
Custom Item Shops - This Board has Custom Item Shops run by Goomba.
Fly Guy Lift - Choose to pay a Fly Guy to carry an opponent to your space or not.

0 Banks
2 Item Shops
1 Skeleton Gate
1 Boo
45 Blue Spaces
10 Red Spaces
6 Item Spaces
4 Battle Spaces
2 Game Guy Spaces
3 Chance Spaces
12 Happening Spaces
10 Bowser Spaces
4 Star Spaces

One final thing to note is that near the Toad that's near princess, the invisible space lets you purchase up to 5 stars for 30 coins each. Keep that in mind before you sell your stars.

Update 1: This is v1.1 because I forgot to add the boo event to the boo space thingy.
Update 2: This is v1.2 because I added a new "Arrow Event" to the board because it was unbalanced. Also, I added the "Bobby's Memories" event to the right side.
Update 3: This is v1.3 because I changed the star exchange area near the Toad near Princess. Now each star costs 30 coins (instead of 15). Airsola (from the MPL discord) also updated the event to make it so that CPUs will always pick the option to buy a star when they can. If you want to use v1.2, the second option will download that version.
Update 4: This is v1.4 because MarioComix (from the MPL discord) fixed the "Multi-Star Purchase" event so that now it works! This means that you won't need to go through so many text boxes! Just like v1.3, v1.2 will still be available to be downloaded as the second option!
Posted by: YoshiYay! January 30, 2021

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