Cloudtop Cruise


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Join the party atop this sky-high map! Gather skeleton keys to board the airship, find hidden treasure, and buy exotic items from a specialty shop! There are many places to explore on this large map; please enjoy  :)

All custom events added in this board were modified from existing ones available in the "Custom Events" repository from this forum. Special thanks to Airsola and MarioComix for making the events that were used!

  • Get Skeleton Key Free: Land on certain happening spaces and get a free skeleton key; useful for boarding the airship
  • Warp to Ship: don't have a key to board the airship, no problem! Land on certain spaces to get past the guards
  • Hidden Treasure: some happening spaces have coins hidden beneath them!
  • Custom Item Shop: if you pass the shop "Curious Curios", you'll have access to purchasing some exotic items
  • Thwomp Toll: want to see boo? Not for free you aren't! You must pay Thwomp's toll to reach a certain path
  • Black Market Stars: Toad has suspiciously acquired stars and is selling them at the back of the air ship! You'll need skeleton key(s) to reach him though

  • Get items and skeleton keys fast in the lower right loop on the map
  • You can skillfully choose to go for the Happening Star by using the lower right loop
  • Want to mess with your opponents? There's definitely something at Curious Curios that will help!
  • You'll need 2 skeleton keys to reach Toad on the back of the airship
  • Having 3 skeleton keys is very powerful in this map; give it a shot!

Additional Notes:
  • I gave up trying to align the text in the custom shop; forgive the laziness
  • If there are any bugs, please let me know

Posted by: Jekernot June 24, 2020

Rating: **** by 1 members.
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Shy Guy

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February 02, 2021
I encountered a crash on Everdrive after buying a star from Toad. Will stick to emulators for this one, love the board!
PP64 Savant
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June 27, 2020
I have not played it yet but it looks sooo pretty! Definitely looking forward to playing it.

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