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Title: E3 2015 Ratings
Post by: MattC on June 16, 2015
What do you give each company's presentation?

Bethesda: B+
Microsoft: Didn't see
EA: D+
Ubisoft: D-
Nintendo: C
Title: Re: E3 Ratings
Post by: RafalRib on June 16, 2015
Bethesda: Didn't see
Microsoft: B
EA: D+
Ubisoft: D-
Sony: B+
Nintendo: C+
Square Enix: C+
Title: Re: E3 Ratings
Post by: Colyton on June 16, 2015
Bethesda: I didn't see
Microsoft: B
I didn't watch it completely, but from what I saw, it seems like it was pretty solid.

The only really good thing from this presentation that comes to mind was Mirror's Edge which looks really neat. Unravel also seems to be like one of the few things of interest. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. If you saw the press conference, you know what they focused on. Most of the presentation was bland and boring. Nothing much of interests.

Ubisoft: D+
Typical Ubisoft with typical games. Your usual Just Dance game with a god awful and unnecessary performance. Your usual Assassin's Creed game. Even though I love the franchise, it has lost its charm over the years and seeing a new game isn't a big event like it used to be years ago. Some nice additions such as For Honor which could be an interesting game.

Sony: B+ or A-
Probably one of the better press conferences. Uncharted 4 was great, we got some nice looking and interesting games such as Dreams & Horizon, which is honestly my personal favorite from the new games we didn't know about before E3. There's also Project Morpheus that could give gamers something good to play with. No Man's Sky looks fabulous and seems like it's going to be a huge game. We also got some other interesting games such as The Last Guardian, they showed Street Fighters V and Shenmue 3. Lots of good stuff along with some 3rd party games support.

Nintendo: C-
Most of the games we already knew about. There wasn't any big surprise for the most parts, it was disappointing. I can understand the kids being mad at the new Metroid game. Even though it doesn't look as bad as people make it seem to be. Too much focus on Super Mario Maker and too much focus on amiibos stuff. Star Fox Zero looks great at most, but it didn't really wow me. Overall, it was slightly disappointing and let's just say I had put my expectations pretty low.

I didn't watch the others.
Title: Re: E3 Ratings
Post by: Justin on June 17, 2015
Nintendo really dropped the ball this year. Nothing particularly exciting, most cool thing was the new Smash DLC which was leaked anyways. Microsoft was stellar, backwards compatibility is huge and I'm super excited for the upcoming releases. Sony seemed to be pretty great too, but not being a Sony console owner I didn't particularly pay too much attention to the announcements. I understand peoples excitement though.

Microsoft: B+
Nintendo: D+
Sony: B+
Title: Re: E3 Ratings
Post by: MattC on June 17, 2015
Going to give Sony an A-. They were stellar throughout and didn't have to rely on cheesy gimmicks like EA and Ubisoft did. Everything they showed looked great.

Everything else sticks. Nintendo gets a C from me because the only worthwhile games they previewed were Star Fox (which was announced last year), Super Mario Maker (which was announced last year), the addition of Ryu and Roy in Smash Bros (which is DLC), Yoshi's Wooly World (yet another game that was announced last year), and the Mario RPG and Zelda games which look like cool titles but nothing earth shattering. Everything else felt like a let down, especially the "Metroid" game. Seems like Nintendo's focus is going towards  making games which will sell amiibos too, which is all fine and dandy now because people love them but eventually they'll be over-saturated and you'll be complaining about every game needing amiibos.

Personally I don't think Nintendo did completely awful, but the lack of a major new title and the generally short lineup didn't really make me all that excited. Considering I don't own a Wii U or 3DS, watching the press conference wouldn't want to make me go out and get one or consider getting one.
Title: Re: E3 Ratings
Post by: Detective Koshi on June 18, 2015
Microsoft: B-
Sony: B+
Square Enix: B-

Nintendo really was a let down :-\
But there was some cool announcements
And E3 2015 as a whole wasn't all that interesting for me.