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Minecraft Mayhem 1.2 (MP1)
« on: November 10, 2016 »
This board is set on an archipelago of islands, each with its own fresh motif. Movement is clockwise on each island, and from the first island you have the choice to take either bridge to either adjacent island, or, if necessary, stay on the first island. From the next island, you can choose to take the corresponding bridge, but not to return to the previous island. You can never return to the island that you were previously on. Once you reach the island with the volcano, you can return to the central island and start the cycle again (this was my anti-boo abuse measure). Hopefully I've done a good job explaining the nature of this board. If it seems at all daunting, take my word that once you start playing on the board it's easy and it's a blast. Have fun!
1.2 Changelog: Renamed "Bloquillus," to, "Minecraft Mayhem," made a new board logo, fixed spaces that looked out of perspective, switched one of the star locations, and made the large scene and splashscreen backgrounds look a bit smoother.

Notes: I made the bold choice to make my board in Minecraft because I was short on time and with a lack of knowledge in other software by the time I discovered the contest. I also had a hard time getting the perspective of the camera angle to match the angle of the characters in game, but I think I nailed it in the end. Also, if you wonder why the spaces seem to be off of the islands towards the top of the picture, it's because of an issue with the program and it doesn't look that way in-game (anyone who has used the editor knows what I'm talking about). I actually spent a good deal of time correcting this issue in my board to ensure that the spaces looked correct in-game.

This my first Mario Party board. I entered it in the contest held here at Mario Party Legacy and made 4th place. Since then I've taken the time to make improvements across the entire board based on the feedback I got from the judges. I hope you enjoy it! I appreciate any feedback.  ;D
*Formerly Bloquillus*

Pictures: and comments:;sa=view;down=11
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