Sell Star(s) for Coins (MP3) v1.1

Sell Star(s) for Coins (MP3).s

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Description: This event is designed to allow the player to sell a star in order to receive coins. If the player does not have a star, then they cannot sell anything. The coins received for selling a star are decided by the parameter "SellPrice". The parameter "SpaceToFace" is the space that the player will face during the event.

This event now supports selling multiple stars at once. To allow the event to sell multiple stars at once, set the parameter "SellMultiple" to "true". If you only want to allow selling one star at a time, set this to "false".

If there are any issues, please do not hesitate to let me know!

NOTE: It has been reported that the game freezes when selling multiple stars. However, this issue did not arise during additional testing. Be sure to test this instance of the event in your board before uploading, as it may be a user- or emulator-specific issue.

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Posted by: MarioComix November 25, 2020

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