Gain/Lose Coins based on Roll v1.1


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Description: This event will randomly cause you to gain/lose coins based on your dice block effectively. The coin change happens based on moves remaining.

To get this to work, you need to put the GainOnPassOdds as an AFTER TURN event. This is important because if you put it as a before turn event, it will activate after say a battle minigame.

The DoubleGainMessage,DoubleLossMessage,SingleGainMessage, and SingleLossMessage need to be Before Turn or perhaps Before Player Turn. This will let you know if the event triggered at all this turn as a message.

The GainOnPassEffect needs to be a passing event on whatever spaces you want it to trigger on when you pass. I would reccomend putting them on all non-blank spaces to closely emulate the red and blue blocks from MP1.

Lets say you have all spaces with the GainOnPassEffect as a passing event and the DoubleGain hits and you roll a 5. The first non-blank space you pass you will gain 8 coins (because you have 4 moves left) and then the next non-blank space you will gain 6 coins (now you have 3 moves left). You won't gain any on the space you land.

Posted by: SluggishShroom March 28, 2020

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