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Description: Megafruit paradise ported over from Super Mario Party.
--Please overwrite the board via the downloaded version of the app or Boo causes a crash--

The blooper on the top of the board is more aggressive, and when it attacks it sends all players on the bridge back to start instead of just the one on the happening space.

Baby bowser will steal some specific items from players before their turn starts. (Skeleton Keys, Bank Cards, and Reverse Mushrooms.) He will give coins back for them, so it may still be worth going for them in mini-games.

If Bowser happens to apply a reverse curse, Baby Bowser will remove the curse, for a fee of 10 coins.

Version Updates:
1.1 Found a bug where the Koopa event would offer to teleport you for 5 coins, even if you had less than 5 coins, and fixed that.
1.1.1 Found that my 1.1 bug fix did not actually fix the teleport cost bug, and actually fixed it.
Posted by: Rui Ninomiya March 15, 2020

Rating: **** by 1 members.
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