Pay Coins to Make Lose Stars (or Coins) (MP3) v3

Pay Coins to Make Lose Stars (MP3) v3.s

Pay Coins to Make Lose Stars or Coins (MP3) v3.s6.87kB
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Description: This event allows you to pay coins in order to subtract Stars, or coins if they have no Stars, from all of your opponents.

When the necessary coins are given, Stars will be subtracted from all opponents. Both the number of coins required and Stars subtracted are parameters. The number of coins you pay for the event are the parameter CoinsToPay whereas the number of Stars subtracted is the parameter StarsToLose. A sound effect is provided when the Stars are taken. If the player does not have enough coins, the event will not occur.

For players who do not have Stars, their fate depends on the event. In "Pay Coins to Make Lose Stars", nothing will happen to these players. In "Pay Coins to Make Lose Stars or Coins", these players will lose a number of coins given by the parameter CoinsToLose.

There are 3 message boxes: one greets the player, one lets them know that the Stars/coins have been taken, and one is to shoo them away if they do not have enough coins. The first message box uses strings to indicate how many coins the player must pay, and how many Stars the opponents will lose.

This event was adapted from Airsola's events "Give Coins to Everyone except the Player", "Give Current Player a Star", and "Custom Item Shop".

This event should be Everdrive-compatible. If there are any issues, do not hesitate to let me know!

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Posted by: MarioComix February 20, 2020

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