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Description: Baby Mario and Baby Luigi decided that they wanted to join in on the fun of Mario Party! But since they were too young to participate, they decided to make their own board and play on it with their toys.

Happening Spaces:
  • The 1st Happening Space at the start gives you a Golden Mushroom in case you roll low (only obtainable in the beginning or with really good luck with a Reverse Mushroom).
  • The spaces in front of the chest will give you a random coin value between 6 and 12.
  • The spaces on top of the chest will give you something based on the character you stand on, from left to right: Luigi will give you a Boo Repellent, Mario will give you a Golden Mushroom, Wario will give you 10 Coins, and Waluigi will give you a Poison Mushroom.

Map goals: My goal was to make a Baby Park type of map in Mario Party with the correct aesthetics and feel. An easy map where a lot of chaotic things can happen.

Inspiration: This board is inspired by my own experiences as a child. I used to make Mario Party boards as a kid for fun with paper and toys I had laying around. I wanted to convey that feeling as much as I could, so I made a small board with huge objects made with child-like drawings. This was a hard map to make look convincing and good at the same time but I think I managed!
Posted by: TNTBlowzUp May 01, 2019

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May 14, 2021
Overall, this was a neat board that had a simple, easy-to-learn layout, and a nice mechanic of just being a smaller board.

Some suggestions I have would be to switch the Chance Time Space with the Battle Space, since from my experience, there can be a lot of coins moving due to how easy it is to pass the Bank, get to Boo, and get the coins Hidden Block (due to the small board size). As a result, there are lots of opportunities to get coins, so battles wouldn't result in such one-sided coin monopolies as they usually do. As well, I would consider moving the left Item Shop to the path that splits with the Boo path, since its only purpose is to farm Happening Spaces, which is generally inferior to going to Boo. As well, the small board size makes items like the mushrooms more powerful, since you can traverse more of the board at one time.

Overall, it was a fun and pleasant board with nice mechanics!

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