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[MP1] Poisoned Waters
« on: November 08, 2016 »
Download Link:
(I apologize immediately for my poor artistic skills.)
Oh no! Bowser and his minions are back to business and they polluted the water of this forest!
Walk on the bridges and get the stars to restore the forest to his original state!

Details: This is a small board that can be pretty luck-based.. but pretty fun too!
Almost all question marks spaces gives 10 coins (20 during the last turns) except the one closer to the little mouser who triggers Boo.
The closest Bowser spaces to Bowser are the most chaotic ones! You'll get 2 Bowser events instead of one... But can be useful if you're short on coins!
The only way to join Boo (besides the question mark space) is by triggering an Chance Time event.. Will you take the risk?
(Waiting for reactions to upload it in the Download section.)