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Snifit's Stock Exchange has unique mechanics to let players rack up loads of coins or potentially lose them all! Around the board, there are three spots where Game Guy sells stocks for 10 coins. At the start of each player's turn, they'll gain or lose coins in accordance with the ticker in the middle and how many stocks they own! Various other features of the map will also change as fortunes rise and fall: During a bull market, item shops will have rarer items at a higher markup, and a particularly greedy Snufit may try to forcefully buyout all your stocks! However, during a bear market, item shops have more basic stock at much cheaper prices, and investors might try to sell you their stocks to recoup their losses!

Here's a Comprehensive List of Each Event:

Game Guy: At three spaces around the board, Game Guy will offer to sell you one stock for 10 coins when you pass. The stock will cause you to gain or lose coins each turn as denoted on the ticker in the center of the board.
+1 Coin: 42%
+2 Coins: 27%
-1 Coin: 12%
+5 Coins: 11%
-3 Coins: 8%
Note that this means the expected value of one stock is about 1.15 coins per turn.

Custom Item Shop: The Item Shops' stock fluctuates with the price of stocks! When prices are down, they'll have a narrower supply, but sell items much cheaper, and when prices are up, they'll sell rare items at exorbitant prices.
+1 Coin: Mushroom for 5 coins, Skeleton Key for 5 coins, Poison Mushroom for 5 coins, Warp Block for 5 coins, Boo Repellant for 10 coins, Golden Mushroom for 15 coins.
+2 Coins: Skeleton Key for 8 coins, Plunder Chest for 15 coins, Lucky Lamp for 15 coins, Gold Mushroom for 18 coins, Boo Bell for 20 coins, Magic Lamp for 30 coins.
-1 Coin: Mushroom for 4 coins, Skeleton Key for 4 coins, Poison Mushroom for 4 coins, Warp Block for 4 coins.
+5 Coins: Gold Mushroom for 25 coins, Boo Bell for 30 coins, Magic Lamp for 40 coins, Koopa Kard for 50 Coins, Barter Box for 50 coins, Lucky Coin for 50 coins.
-3 Coins: Mushroom for 2 coins, Skeleton Key for 2 coins.

Greedy Snufit: A Snufit on the leftmost side of the map may try to forcefully buyout your stocks, or sell you his own, depending on the state of the market!
+1 Coin: Buys out one of the player's stocks for 15 coins.
+2 Coins: Buys out one of the player's stocks for 18 coins.
-1 Coin: Sells the player two stocks for 15 coins.
+5 Coins: Performs a forced buyout of ALL the player's stocks, for 20 coins apiece.
-3 Coins: Sells the player his watch (a Wacky Watch) to recoup his losses. Will sell the watch to the player for 50 coins, or all the player's coins if they have less than 50.

Bank Robbin' Mole: The Monty Mole behind the Skeleton Key Gate at the top of the map will rob the two players with the least coins, giving half of their coins to the two wealthiest players when landed on.

Whomp's Revolution: The Whomp behind the Skeleton Key Gate at the bottom of the map will offer to perform a Bowser Revolution-type effect when you pass it, splitting all players' coins equally for a fee of 20 coins. The 20 coin fee is taken from the activating player AFTER coins are split.

Alleyway Warps: In the two shortcut alleyways that run past the center of the map, landing on any of the happening spaces will cause all the players in that alleyway to get chased out to another spot on the map.

Credits and Thanks:

The Warukio Purge and Bowser Revolution events, which the Whomp Revolution and Bank Robbin' Mole in this map are based on.

Airsola: The Custom Item Shop, Give Current Player a Range of Coins, Buy a Star, and Give Current Player an Item events, which I used to cobble together the code to make stocks work, the outcomes for the Greedy Snufit, and the item shops. Additionally, looking at the events for Seasonal Woodland made it a lot easier to understand how to get multiple map backgrounds working, and Airsola provided a great deal of help with MIPS coding in the Mario Party Legacy Discord.

MarioComix: The Events to Load in Character Models for Gameguy, Toad, and the Whomp. MarioComix also provided a huge amount of help getting my MIPS events working in the MPL Discord.

Fixed Fun: The Item Shop asset I used for the custom item shops, as well as some help/recommendations on 3D modelling and replicating the vanilla MP3 style in Blender.

Known Issues:

Doing so causes some of the custom events to allow you to roll a dice and move again after landing on them.

If a minigame happens in the middle of a turn (from a Battle Space, Game Guy Space, or Item Space), the ticker's state will be re-randomized when the map is loaded again, causing players that go later in the turn to potentially get a different payout from their stocks.

If you know how to solve either of these two issues, please leave a comment, as they have me stumped!


Version 1.0:
Initial Release

Final Words:

I finished production on this map a little under two years ago, but didn't get around to the final polish and bugfixes until now. It was my first experience doing anything with Blender (to make the map background), MIPS, or re-arranging midis for the Mario Party soundfont, and I had a lot of fun making it! I want to give another huge thanks to the users of the Mario Party Legacy discord, the people there were incredibly helpful, and the discord is a great resource for learning the intricacies of MIPS and PartyPlanner64.
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This board has a stock market theme with the unique gimmick of allowing you to invest in stocks to increase your coin count for future turns

-Great board theme with unique ideas
-Has happenings and arrow events that compliment the board and theme
-I really love the Monty mole taking from the rich and giving to the poor super unique idea 10/10

-Board layout feels cluttered or compact everything feels too close to each other
-Some junctions confusing but not to bad
-The board does not look as if it’s taking place in a stock exchange or at least stock market theme except for the center piece indicating a raise or fall in stock price

-Maybe some bears or bulls (A bull represents a surge or increase in stock while a bull represents a decrease or drop in stock ). I could definitely imagine them being like yin and Yang type deal
-If we could ever do costumes A suit, tie , fedora with s briefcase 💼 would fit thematically (I know that’s not something you can control just noting it)

Overall pretty unique ideas behind this board solid overall 7/10
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