Perplexing Pyramid

MP3 Perplexing Pyramid

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This Inexplicable Interior is Impossible to Explore!

Like my last board, this board is alot like an already existing MP board. This time, it's MP7's Pagoda Peak. Just like there, each player goes in a straight line (this time featuring junctions!) to reach the end, where they can obtain a star. The maximum that can be bought here is 3, but the price of the star goes up by 5 coins each time one is purchased. The price starts at 5 coins and can eventually reach up to 50 coins! When a star is bought for this amount, the price resets to 5 coins (thanks to MarioComix from the MPL discord for making this event!). As well as this, the 1st place player loses 10 coins each turn, so watch out!

Happening Events:
Sand Trap - Pay the Millennium Star 10 coins to set up a Sand Trap for you. Any opponents who land on the Sand Trap will forfeit one star to you (if they have one)
Dig - Mash the A button to dig up some gold!
Dry Bones Warp - The Dry Bones will warp you to an opponent's space. You get to pick which one!
Sandy Coin-loss - Landing on this space will make you lose a few coins in the sand
Duel - Do I even need to explain? A duel will occur when you land on one of these spaces!

Arrow Events:
Mushroom Shop(s) - Shop for one of the 4 mushrooms available!

2 Banks
0 Item Shops

0 Skeleton Gates
1 Boo
34 Blue Spaces
15 Red Spaces
3 Item Spaces
3 Battle Spaces
2 Game Guy Spaces
2 Chance Spaces
22 Happening Spaces
2 Bowser Spaces
1 Star Space

Extra Content!:
This board completely transforms at night, and it's here on display! These desert dwellers and undeads love disco! The space amounts will be completely changed, so I hope that you try both of these versions! The first download is the day version and the second one is the disco version.

Please enjoy and tell me if it crashes or breaks in some way!

Deluxe - Perplexing Pyramid Deluxe is the same board with the same gameplay, but there are paths now! Hopefully, these will make it easier to see where you're going!
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