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Inspired by Mario Party 6's Faire Square with a little extra balance and chaos, Klub Koopa is the ultimate gambling zone! Unfortunately the actual gambling areas are off-limits to non-koopas, but there are many ways to earn coins traveling around the board, such as getting a loan though the Bank Spaces (Thanks to Airsola's Bowser Bank). There are also special Lottery Shops where you can get fun items to aid you or damage your foes, but you will never know what you get until you try! Build up your coin total alongside the outside portion of the board, then dive into the roulette board in the center to trade them in for stars! Due to supply and demand, the Star's price changes EVERY 3 TURNS, so try to get in there when they're on a big sale! You can even purchase up to 5 stars at once (easily adjustable setting if you don't want to allow that many purchases at a time, or to even force a set price for the entire game - an event will need to be removed to remove the notifications however). Build up your coins and pray you get the best deal as you fight your way to the top!

By the way, I heard there was a special membership card you could obtain to gain special perks thoughout the casino...

Important Notes:
- Board Currently only works when replacing the Chilly Waters Board. If any other board is replaced, at set points the chilly waters board (or whatever is put there) will be loaded with the layout of this board making the design completely fail.
- Multi-purchase star event is known to occasionally have issues, though full games can be played without any problems occurring. It is VERY unlikely to occur, but if it does it is not likely to happen again. Unknown what the issue relates to
- Board Rules are controlled by whomever moves 1st in the game. If a Computer player goes 1st, they will skip all the rules so it may be best to play first with 4 human players (which is how I hope you want to play this game)
- Music cannot be edited beyond it's current setup without murdering your ears. So if a note sounds off, I apologize, it wouldn't let me fix it. On a side note I did not make the music because me editing it is what causes it to break. :p
- If ANYTHING is unclear or broken, feel free to comment it here. I will be working to update the board of any errors that are found as quickly as possible.
- If anyone has a good image also I would like to help with download images my emu kinda sucks :p
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