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Explore the 7 unique areas of the Flower Kingdom, based off of Super Mario Bros. Wonder!

This board is releasing just over a week away from release of the game, and is heavily based off of its world map, while being fully adapted for Mario party,

The start of the board is located in Pipe-Rock Plateau! There you will find rocks that look like pipes, trees, blue grass and curly pipes! You will also see an open orange field.

You can then leap into the majestic puffy skies of Fluff-Puff Peaks, with pink, majestic clouds!

Hop over the ground above the picturesque Shining Falls! You will find geometric structures and acres of unidentifiable terrain!

In the arid desert, you'll find pyramids, sand and a palace! The path also splits off if you want to catch some rays in...

...the Petal Isles! Where you will find caves, sparkly waters and little white islands! You may also find a wonder flower, and if you come across it, expect the unexpected! But it has a weird habit of giving you a subtle hint on what will happen... Oh well.

Or if you keep going down, you will approach some tall mushrooms leading to the Uncanny Forest! This forest is filled with pipes, bridges and pois--- I mean um... and mushrooms!

And if you dare, you can step foot in the scorching hot volcano! Why is there a bank in there though??? Gee, it's hot... Too bad there's literally no way to get around the kingdom without going through the volcano...


Airsolan - Coded "Kamek's Fortune Telling" for another board of mine - I updated some of the text to fit the situation for this board, being the wonder flower. Thanks!

MarioComix - Pay coins to make lose stars - Activated on the event space on the mushroom platform, Thanks!

BF10 - Bowser's item Shop! Located in the open field of Pipe Rock Plateau. Thank you!

Boo - located in the volcano before the start space
Item shops - 2
Banks - 2
Game Guy - 2
Chance Time - 2
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