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Do you have a knack for Mario Party's lucky side? Want to experience a Mario Party 6 classic in an older game? We invite you to Faire Square!


This board was recreated to emulate the original Faire Square as closely as possible, while still keeping Mario Party 3's unique feel in mind. Banks have taken over the square, in order to keep a close eye on everyone's money, and everyone's favorite resident Game Guy is here to give his luckiest players a huge boost.

Here's what you can expect when playing this board!

Day and Night Cycle: Like in Mario Party 6, the board will transition between day and night every 3 turns! This is not just aesthetic - stars in the day will always cost 20 coins, while at night, the price varies!


Lucky Tickets: The slot machine and hat shuffle have both been replaced by Yoshiman222's lottery ticket event! Purchase a ticket and hopefully receive a wonderful prize!


Faire Square's Star Gambling: At the top of the board, if you land on the happening space, you will be brought into the Faire Square Star Shuffle! Everyone who is eligible will be forced to put a star in, and one lucky winner will come out with every star!

Snifit Patrol: Snifit is here to make sure no sneaky tactics are performed. He will confiscate your Lucky Lamps, Magic Lamps, and Reverse Mushrooms. Go around the long way if you want that star, kiddo.


Many thanks to the following for making this possible!

Midi Creation and custom code creation. Made the Star Shuffle code as well as altered the Multi-Star purchase code and Star Price code to match the board gimmick.

Rainchus- Custom code Creation. Created the Random Item code used when passing the orb spaces, as well as creating the code to change the board from day to night.

Airsola- Custom code creation. Created the Space Warp code as well as one for two destinations.

Yoshiman222- Lottery Ticket, Whomp Toll and original Multi-Star purchase codes.

MarioComix- Snifit Patrol code.

Fixed Fun- Boo Space Asset.

Edit Log

Current Version: 1.1

Version 1.1
-Removed 2 Battle Spaces to improve board flow.
-Added Boo to the bottom right of the map.

Version 1.01
-Fixed a bug that would play a looping sound effect while trying to purchase stars, even without player input.

Version 1.0
Release build.

Please report any bugs you discover outside of what's listed below! The best way of contacting me is finding me on Discord - my username is typhloquil.

Known Issues
-If you select Random when picking the target of the Bonk Hammer and Bonk Hammer DX lottery prize, and it picks someone who cannot lose anything, the game will crash. To avoid, pick a target manually, unless all opponents have something to lose.
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More from Typhloquil:

Latest updates

  1. Faire Square - 1.1

    -Removed 2 Battle Spaces for better board flow. -Added Boo to the bottom right of the map.
  2. Bug Fix

    -Fixed a bug where a sound effect would play on loop while trying to purchase Stars, even...

Latest reviews

I had the CPUs play it for background entertainment while I was doing errands and had a blast watching it, it came down to bonus stars with 45 total stars at the end.

I played on real hardware and experienced no crashes or glitches. Absolutely deserves 5/5 ratings.
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Real Hardware
A fun demake that emulates the gameplay and feel of the original Mario Party 6 board. Never felt like there were too many or too little events during a given turn. A little overkill on the battle spaces, but had a blast playing regardless!
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Emulation (Netplay)
This board was BEYOND amazing! In my opinion, it was a more advanced version of the original Faire Square in a big and positive way. The custom music was spot on, we get lottery tickets instead of the slots and star swaps, and it followed the old Mario Party 6 formula to a T. I have zero complaints with this board. This was the perfect reproduction of any Mario Party board I have ever seen. I give this a perfect 10/10. Thank you Typh!
Full Game Played
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Humans Only
Method of Play
Emulation (Netplay)