Zen Pinball 3D Reiview


I'm a huge fan of pinball. If I have a few quarters and I see a pinball machine, I'm playing it.
When this was announced for 3DS, I just couldn't wait to have my favorite pastime in my pocket in 3D.

If you don't know how to play pinball, (And I'm REALLY sorry for you if you don't) the objective is to keep a ball from going down the middle with two or more flippers, trying to score points at the same time. This is what happens in the game, and the controls are nicely realistic. The ball runs really smooth, and you can see this at 8 different views. Ball to fast for you? Try the useful slowdown option, which is great for beginers.

There are four pinball tables which I'll get into in a sec. The music is different for all of them, and they really fit with the table's theme, from African drumming to Medival choir.

The graphics are really nice. About as reallistic as the 3DS can handle. And like I mentioned earlier, there are 8 views to look a the pinball table with. Very nice indeed.

The game comes with Excalibur, El Dorado, Shaman and Earth Defense tables, all of which are really fun to play with (my favorite's Exalibur). Then you've goot the local score board, which compares you with everyone in the area, and even tells you when you've beaten someone's record.
Each table also has achievents, which can really keep you playing this game for a long time.

Overall, It's a great pinball experience, nothing outstanding, but nothing to complain about.

Score: 14/20
Price: 6.99