Your favorite out of the gamecube Mario Parties?

Your favorite Mario party on Gamecube? 4/7

  • Mario Party 4

    Votes: 10 23.3%
  • Mario Party 5

    Votes: 11 25.6%
  • Mario Party 6

    Votes: 30 69.8%
  • Mario Party 7

    Votes: 8 18.6%

  • Total voters
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I liked Mario Party 6 for the day/night gimmick.  I thought this game had a stronger interest than the other ones for me.  The addition of Toadette really made me jump for joy.
MP4 was pretty fun, except the characters and the boards seems...  shallow/dead.
MP5 was okay.  I didn't enjoy story mode nor the music too much.  Wasn't a fan on some of the mini-games, either.
MP7 was fun.  Story mode could be a little better, but it's good overall.
4 was OK.  I thought the mini/mega system was clever, and Custom Mini-Game Lists should be standard in all Mario Parties.
5 I disliked.  It's orb system I didn't like (Can't choose which orbs you get directly; costs coins to use on self; mushroom spaces make little sense to me), but Card Party was very fun.
6 Is my Favorite.  The orb system is the best here, and E. Gadd's Garage is incredibly fun.
7 was great.  If they only didn't make Kamek so Gamebreaking (3 spaces stolen?  too much!).  I loved Windmillville's game mechanic to death.
I have to choose wither Mario Party 6 or 7. The board maps in these 2 games are much better than the ones in MP 4 and 5. The traditional way of getting stars was extremely boring to me at this point so I was extremely excited when I learned that each board map would have a different way of collecting stars, instead of the usual way. All of the board maps in the final two Gamecube MP games were very well designed and actually fun to play, minus Towering Treetop and Grand Canal. I'll give the edge to MP 6 due to the Day and Night System. The minigames MP 6 and 7 were also some of the best of the GC Mario Parties, as well as 5, but not MP 4(this game bored the hell out of me).

As for MP 5, the only thing it has going for it are the minigames(which are excellent).

*waits for someone to bash my opinion on the  'traditional' Party Mode* =P
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