Worst Robot Masters

Let's just do this game by game...

1 - not really, but if anyone, Bomb Man
2 - Heat Man is the most exploitable if without the Bubble Lead even though Metal is more notorious and Bubble sucks more
3 - Top
4 - Toad
5 - I'm not a fan of the RMs in this game tbh, but if anyone in particular... Ugh idk
6 - they're all pretty cool actually
7 - as per 6
8 - haven't played all of them (even then I'm going off the nes demake) but I suppose Clown
R+B - uhh
9 - uhh
10 - uhh
RKNs - Quint probably, though Enker comes close
Stardroids - Terra
WWNs - Hyper Storm H or Buster Rod G's second form