World 3-1

World 3-1 is the first course of World 3 in Super Mario 3D Land. It is the first desert level in the game. Mario starts in a giant sand platform with a tall tower in the center. In the sides, Mario will face Sandmaarghs and Pokeys. There are also a P-Switch that creates a very long trail of sixty-four Rainbow Notes, which give the player a Super Leaf, if the player is not in Tanooki form, it's a 1-Up. An elevated area with a Cannon can be used to reach the tower's door, which is guarded by a Thwomp, a Wallop and a Blokkablok. Mario can grab a Propeller Block, located next to two groups of three ascending coins near the first Star Coin, and use it to fly above a bunch of Blocks and a Fake Block before reaching a door on the right-hand side, allowing him to enter the tower. Inside the tower, there is a narrow path with two Thwomps, a Blokkablok and more Pokeys in a quicksand pool. A Warp Box will warp Mario to the next story, that contains a door. This door leads Mario to an outdoors area, with moving platforms that lead to the third storey. In this storey, Mario will find lines of Wallops. In the end, another Thwomp is found, along with a door. Mario can use this door to reach the tower, which contains a grassy area, and a little pool of water with coins in it where Mario will reach the Flagpole.

Star Medal 1: In the right side of the tower, Mario will find a Brick Block covering a hole in the tower's wall. He must break this with a somersault. Crossing the hole, there is a small room with a Star Medal.
Star Medal 2: The plumber must enter in the Cannon. Then, he must be launched to the right corner of the tower, where is a moving platform with the second Star Medal.
Star Medal 3: Mario must go to the top of the last Thwomp, and then Wall Jump on the right wall to collect the Star Medal.

Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough World 3-1