World 2-Airship

World 2-Airship is the Airship course of World 2 and the first one in Super Mario 3D Land. Mario will land on an Airship with three Rocket Engines and a tightrope, that connects it to another. A little behind, there is a flying Bill Blaster that shoots Bullet Bills toward the rope. In the next ship, Mario will face with three Bill Blasters, and a Warp Box. Mario must go up in other Airship, that contains a rectangular ? Block that release three Coins. Ahead, there are a Rocky Wrench and a Star Medal above it. Then, there is another flying Bill Blaster, but this time it shoots Tail Bullet Bills. In the next ship, Mario must enter a Warp Pipe to battle Boom Boom. After he is hit three times, another Warp Pipe will lead him to the Airship with the Goal Pole.

Star Medal 1: When Mario enters in the only Warp Box of the level, he must go on a small elevated area on the bonus Airship. There are a blue Clock and a Star Medal.
Star Medal 2: There is a Star Medal above the Rocky Wrench in the third Airship. Mario must stomp the enemy to jump higher and collect the medal, or by doing a high wall-jump.
Star Medal 3: In the last ship, the plumber must fall down. Under, there is an area with coins and the third Star Medal. Upon entering the area the level will stop moving.

Super Mario 3D Land: World 2 Airship

Another glitch, "Die in a Warp Box" can be found here.